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We Read, Analyze, & Create Animated Explainer Videos on Complicated Technical & Scientific Topics

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We combine text, pictures, music, and other rich content to create an enhanced, multi-sensory learning experience

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Your audience remembers 95% of what they see and 10% of what they read. Pick a winner.

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Simplifying Content for Better Results

Convert long and boring text documents into a visually appealing animated format.

Describe any Concept

Ignite the imagination of your audience and help them visualize complex concepts – be it scientific concepts, compliance laws, abstract ideas, or multi-layered algorithms. Ideas cannot be caught on film, but we can sure illustrate them through an animated video for you.

If it Can be Imagined

Imagination is the limit when it comes to an animated video. A training manual may contain extreme scenarios that cannot be replicated. It can include proper employee conduct in crises situations. An animated video can recreate any imaginable scenario and explain the due process cleverly.

Easier to Update

Industry best-practices evolve, rules change, and our understanding of science improves. Animated videos can be easily updated to include new information or purge outdated information. It is a dynamic format that can be edited effortlessly to reflect the latest information.

A 30-Page Long Document or a 3-Minute Video?
Choose the Better Medium.

Communicate Better

What We Do at ASUC Art Studio

We turn complicated text content into engaging, exciting, and accurate video content.

The idea behind creating any document is to convey the message to the reader. Scientific concepts, academic materials, and technical manuals are dense by nature. They contain a lot of valuable information. However, their readability and engagement quotient are usually abysmal. That’s precisely what we intend to change.

A 30-Page Long Document or a 3-Minute Video?
Choose the Better Medium.

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In the digital era, when the attention spans are shrinking, you need content solutions that communicate succinctly and effectively

Workforce Training Materials/ Software Support

In a bid to be accurate, organizations often create documentation that is too technical, too lengthy, and too dull to keep their readers interested. The visual element eliminates the need for more words while improving the accuracy of information communicated. It keeps these materials short, resulting in better understanding and higher productivity at work.

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Complex Academic Topics

Universities can help students understand advanced concepts by turning text content into exciting visual content to help them visualize the ideas from the perspective of the author. Videos give you complete control over how your students perceive and digest new information, thereby making the explanation more effective.

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Safety Instructions

Organizations that deal with hazardous materials, heavy machinery, and unsafe work environments have detailed instructions on equipment handling, incident response, and general safety. A well-crafted video will help them retain such information better than a bland document. It is easy to remember, follow, and implement.

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Policy/Regulatory Guidelines

Policy documents, guidelines, and regulatory frameworks are complicated. They comprise detailed instructions, exceptions, special permissions, and more. To improve compliance, government bodies should consider converting their policies and other regulatory guidelines into video formats for better compliance.

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No Document is Too Complex to Be Converted into a Video

All It Needs is the ASUC Art Studio Touch

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We do not cater to promotional videos. We produce videos for technical or scientific documents only.

Good Processes

Video creation only a part of the process. We read and analyze the content first and then simplify it to create its comprehensive video renditions.

Expert Team

We have a pool of talented engineers who ensure the accuracy of the video content we produce and a support team always ready to help.

Complex Jobs Require the Best Talent

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A Word from Our Clients

We worked with ASUC Art Studio to convert our company’s training materials into easy-to-understand videos, and it was a delightful experience. They know what they are doing.
Jane Christen, University of Vaasa
ASUC Art Studio converted a series of research papers to videos for us. They did not just go through the materials and reproduce it in a video but actually captured its essence and created engaging short videos for different topics. For creating visual representations of scientific content, there is no better service out there.
Brian Melnick, MFB Academy of Finance
They are brilliant. Everything about them – their service, their understanding of the subject material, and the quality of videos they produced is top-notch.
Tom Bayarri, University of Worcester

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